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Hi, I'm Kathleen



I live in Hampton, Ontario with my husband and our two children. Our first child is in grade one in the KPRSB, and our second will attend in a few years. I was born and raised in Durham Region, and I’ve spent the majority of my professional life here working as an educator.


I am currently a professor in the Faculty of Education, as well as the Faculty of Liberal Studies. Previous to my post-secondary positions, I worked as a K-12 teacher. I have a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Double Major in Psychology and Sociology, a Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.), and a Master of Education (M.Ed.). I am a Certified Ontario Teacher (OCT) with qualifications in primary, junior, intermediate, senior, and ESL. I have taught kindergarten to university at all levels of our education system (primary, junior, intermediate, senior, college, and university). I am an education advocate/activist and a Regional Evaluator for the Prime Minister’s Teaching Excellence Awards.


Together We Can Make a Difference

Respect, fairness, integrity, optimism, and empathy guide my leadership style. I believe that nurturing relationships with various stakeholders is vital to creating effective pathways for collaboration and understanding different viewpoints. My strong communication skills, passion for education and equity, diversity, and inclusion will be used to advocate and be a voice for our community; to help us realize and enact the necessary changes to keep KPR as a world-class educational institution. My intersectionality as a parent, teacher, community member, and education researcher will position me to uniquely understand diverse perspectives with a focus on research to guide my leadership and decision-making.  

If you’re a student, teacher, school administrator, parent, or community member with an idea for how we can go above and beyond, I want to hear from you. I want to be your voice. Together we can make a difference!

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