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Honoured to be faculty marshal at university convocation

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

This was a full circle kind of moment for me.

12 years ago I was surprised to find out I had been chosen to be the Gonfalon Carrier for the Faculty of Education when I graduated from my B.Ed program. I was curious to know where my new journey as an educator would lead me.

6 years later I was proud to once again walk across the stage, this time pregnant with Aurora, ready to celebrate the completion of my Master of Education. I was curious to know what my new journey into motherhood would be like.

Today I was honoured to be the Faculty Marshal and lead the platform party to the stage while we watched our education grads cross. It was definitely a surreal moment to come full circle and now be a faculty member celebrating the hard work of my students. This time I was once again curious, to see where their journey’s will take them.


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